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Foamie Coconut Shower & Haircare Kit

£26.96 £23.50

Meet Foamie: Your New Haircare Hero. Plastic free, vegan and absolutely no nasties. Made in the UK.

Our complete kit includes 3 Coconutty hair & body treats plus the innovative Foamie Travel Buddy: £23.50 (saving over 10%).

  • Foamie ”Shake Your Coconuts” solid shampoo bar- especially suitable for normal hair and gives the hair an intense shine right to the tips. With Coconut oil and wheat proteins for a natural shine! 
  • Foamie Solid Conditioner Bar - Shake Your Coconuts is suitable for normal hair and gives it a natural shine. With Wheat bran and Coconut oil for smooth & strong hair.
  • Foamie Shower Sponge-Wash, scrub, nourish, and massage with this Vegan soapy sponge! The 2 in 1 shower essential you never knew you needed!
  • Foamie Travel Buddy, a reusable box for solid shampoo and conditioner, perfect for journeys. The product within the Travel Box can dry evenly without any problems. The silicone closure of the Foamie Travel Buddy provides waterproof storage, so the rest of the utensils in your bag are also protected. Travel Box for solid care is made of 80% wheatstraw and 20% recycled polypropylene. 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

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