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Make up removing gift set


This set includes:

  • 100 bamboo earbuds.
  • 1 microfibre makeup pad remover, 12cm.
  • 6 reusable/washable bamboo makeup pads in a organic cotton laundry bag.

 Reusable bamboo makeup pads:

They're made from cotton and bamboo fibres, the sustainable makeup pads are gentle on the skin yet give a deep wash and can be washed and used again, helping to reduce daily waste and excess packaging especially when at this moment in time it is important to keep the planet as clean from plastic and disposable goods as much as possible.

These reusable makeup pads also help to care for the environment as well as your skin whether it be oily, dry or sensitive it is suitable. 

Bamboo Cotton Buds:

Get rid of the plastic buds and their plastic packaging that harms the environment (plastic earbuds are harming our marine life), and say yes to a vegan-friendly, biodegradable cotton buds that does an even better job, quickly degrades, is recyclable and helps to build a sustainable, healthy environment.

These are high quality, biodegradable and 100% plastic-free bamboo earbuds and another 100% natural product. An environmentally friendly alternative to classic plastic buds, to give you a better, more quality choice that lies easier on your conscience with 100% recyclable plastic free bamboo stems and cotton swabs.

Microfibre makeup pad remover:

Soft microfibre, double sized and removes 100% of make up with water alone. Perfect for delicate eye area. 

SIZE- 12cm diameter.


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